Monday, November 24, 2008

New Look For Winter!

I got my hair cut and highlighted this past week-end...YAY! The color did not show up enough for me, so I am going back to have it re-done.

This was an early morning picture (pre coffee), but you get the idea:

In other news, Ben and I are weaning! (Possibly more information than you wanted to know.) We've been cutting out nursing sessions over the last two weeks. He seems fine with this. He has slowly been losing interest....and I am just proud of myself for doing it as long as we have. Hopefully I will not have too many more sore days ahead of me!


Kerry said...

llllooooovvveeee the new haircut! it's super cute.

LoveLladro said...

your hair looks great! I love the bangs!

I have been contemplating weaning Chase but he is so attached to it... literally at 9:30 he comes and gets me. Oh well... we shall see!