Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween- Part 2

Joe and Christina came to visit this week-end since it was Campbell Homecoming! We were able to spend Halloween together...which was a lot of fun!

Abby dressed as a cute little giraffe and Christina was her Giraffe Keeper! Ben dressed as a little Lion and I was a Lion Tamer!

Our wonderful, "good-sport" husbands were Zoo Pooper Scoopers! Caleb designed the outfits all on his own. It took some convincing, but Joe wore the outfit eventually!

Poo 1 and Poo 2

"Poo- It's What We Do"

Christina made these cute shirts for us which had pictures of our little feroucios animals on our backs. LOVED THEM!

We ended up taking the little ones to a church Halloween party! We had to show off our husband's outfits to the public! After the party, we grabbed some food (Yes....we all wore our outfits into the restaurant, too!) I captured this photo....which I love:

I hope that everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween!


The Ward Family said...

I love all your costumes! Very creative!

LoveLladro said...

I can't stop smiling at these costumes... so awesome. I am coming to you for ideas next year!