Sunday, November 02, 2008

Final Score- 49-0- Campbell did NOT win! Campbell did NOT even score!

Do you remember my last post about Campbell Football??

It was HOT! We were MISERABLE! I thought SURELY the Homecoming Game in NOVEMBER will be much better because it will be cooler.

I was wrong and I was right!
I was wrong because it was STILL hot! Ben and I ended up at the Student Center again to watch the game on TV.

I was right because Homecoming was MUCH better because we were able to see so many of our college friends and their families!
In typical Campbell fashion, we lost! But, it was still nice to be able to say that "We were there!"


Left to Right (Front): Calvert, Rob holding Anna, Danielle, BEN
(Back): Katie (standing up), Crystal and Joe

Me, Crystal, Tibbs and Michelle

Calevert and Caleb

Ben Tailgating! Everyone was giving him either chips or cookies. At one point, I looked over and he was swatting at bees that were all around his face because his drool was so sweet! (THAT scared me!)

Ben with the Calverts!

Out of the heat = Nap Time!

Maddie, Kelli and Me! (Memphis Friends)


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrienne,
It was great to see you this weekend!! Call/Email me when you have time for our little ones to get together...I cant wait!
Love ya,
Kristin (Allen) Bollten

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers said...

Im so sad I didn't get a picture with yall!!! :(

We will have to all go to a basketball game soon and get pics together!! :) It was so great to see you and the fam!!