Monday, November 24, 2008

Stupid Turkeys! No Wonder We Eat You!

I now know why I am an accountant!

Because THIS:

Does NOT look like THIS:
Where should I begin??

Last night, I had my "practice run" for Ben's Daycare cookies! First of all, let me begin by saying that the Betty Crocker recipe people are LIARS! Their directions SUCK!

Turkeys are supposed to be brown, right?? I had to keep telling myself that as each cookie BURNED!

If you go back and compare my cookies to the picture, you will see some obvious differences:

1) My Wattle/Gobbler thingey looks like a tongue. Ooops!

2) Definitely could not figure out the eyes. My turkeys actually somewhat resembled the basic concept of the (FAKE) Crocker cookies until I butchered them with the eyes!

3) My turkeys are brown because I actually cooked the cookies. I KNOW the LIARS used uncooked cookies. Otherwise, how would they have not even browned them one bit?? I can't serve RAW cookie dough to kids! Come On!

4) I bought the wrong sprinkles for the feathers. Shut Up!

5) My turkey beaks look like smiles! (I was NOT smiling as I made them!)

Here are some more pictures for your ridicule. But, in my defense, I was set up! There were too many odds against me.
This is William and his buddies:
Caleb got to eat Bob (The one is the first picture):

Unfortunately, I did NOT learn my I will be making more turkeys tonight. Hopefully I learned a few things....


Caleb and Adrienne said...

One more thing I realized while reviewing my post. Those Stupid Betty CROCKer people even used a spotlight when they took their picture. Show-Off's! I'm sure if I got my photogrpaher friend Rebecca to take pictures of my turkeys, they would look better......on second thought, probably not!

Crystal said...

Hey... just a thought... instead of using cookies for the feathers, try using candy corn... that will still give a feathered look and you don't have to ice or sprinkle :-)

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Thanks for the "advice"...but I hate hate hate candy corn. I would rather make something ugly than something unedible...hehe....any other suggestions??

Jennifer said...

I think your cookies look good. Besides, the kids aren't going to care what they look like.

I am impressed with them...a whole lot better than I could ever do :) Kudos to you for even trying to make turkey cookies.

LoveLladro said...

I laughed my way through this entire post! I give you much credit for even attempting them! Besides, Caleb looks like he is enjoying them!