Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hurricanes Hockey Game!

We scored some Canes tickets and thought it would be a really good idea to invite friends we have not had the chance to spend time with in a while! We had so much fun!! Kerry, David, Kelly, JD, Carson, Caleb and I rocked out our cheap Canes' T-shirts (with coats 'cause it's cold and snows in the stadium)!
The Canes won in overtime after a shoot-out. I think Kerry was even screaming by the end of the game.
All in all, it was a nice time with friends! Carson was such a good little boy the whole game....and Caleb's brother and his girlfriend watched Ben for us while we were there!! It was a nice, unexpected treat for the week-end.
Kelly, Me and Kerry

Caleb, David and JD

Date Night!

Had to get a picture of the zamboni! (These are Kerry's pictures, so I thought I should post it!)

Look at little Carson sitting in his own seat! They had to hold it down because he was so light. Too cute!
It was Carson's first Hockey game!

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Kerry said...

i like how you incorporated all our fun inside jokes from the night....haha! :) I MADE IT ON THE BLOG, YES! thanks again for such a FUN NIGHT! and you know, i did clap when you told me to.