Monday, January 26, 2009

Biker Baby!

Little Abigail came to visit!!! (With Godmama Christina and Goddaddy Joe, of course!)
They were in town this past week-end for the huge Raleigh Kids Exchange. They had a really busy week-end but were able to fit in a Saturday morning breakfast with us! It pays to have little ones who wake up early! Isn't she beautiful?

Joe HAS to sit on THE bike when he visits. This time, he was able to really introduce Abby to his future ride. Check out her cute "helmet"!

Ben was in a great mood that morning but didn't like being in the stroller while Abby was on the bike!

With a picture like this one, it makes you wonder if Joe came to visit with us or to ride the bike:

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Garner Gang said...

That guy on the bike looks really experienced in riding and pretty cute I might say!!