Monday, January 26, 2009

Ertel Baby Shower

Lisa and I threw a baby shower for our friends Chris and Kristin. It was supposed to be a surprise "Crib Divided" shower when NC State played at Duke. Since we had snow that day, the party had to be rescheduled. But, we all had a great time despite the change of plans.
Little Baby Brian will be here soon! Kristin is due February 12th. The parents-to-be:
Ben was WIRED all night!
Kerry and Suzanne:

We had a Carolina/NC State face-off. Three guys from each team had to drink apple juice out of a bottle. It was SO funny to watch! They kept complaining about how hard it was and that kids must have "jaws of steel"!

Mikey, Jennifer, Baby Brayden and Matt

Gred, David and Jon David
Brian and Baby Bridget:
NC State won (though Chris did cheat by taking off the top and drinking his bottle like it was a cup....we let it slide though since there was NO WAY that Jon David or Brian had a chance at catching up to the NC STATE team. )
In the end, Carolina even "recruited" their kids to help:

Go, Carson!!! (Ben looks like there was something OTHER than apple juice in his bottle!)

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New definition for "starting them early".