Friday, January 16, 2009

Whirlwind of a Week....

I thught the holidays were busy.....and vowed to stay put when I got home. Then, I ventured to San Francisco with Ben, started working overtime at work because of the tax season, adjusted to the new schedule of Ben's daycare and became OBSESSED with my Weight Loss Blog! (By the way, we've got one more spot open....then I will have to start a new group....let me know if you want to join:

Here's a little recap (pictures to come.....I have been waiting for this week-end to get caught up with the pictures....and waiting for Loria to send me the ones she took in CA).

The trip to CA was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Ben was absolutely wonderful the entire trip. The flights were empty, which meant that Southwest let me use the carseat for FREE! Ben practically stayed in the carseat during the entire flight. He was happy and smiley and his ears did not seem to bother him.

Once we were in CA, we were greeated with 65-70 degree weather every day. Ben and Loria's dog Liela became instant companions. When Ben ate his cheerios, Liela got a Cheerio. When Leila played with her toys, she always made sure Ben had one of her toys to play with, too! We spent much a Saturday at the park- where they had a dog park for Liela and a playground for Ben. Then, on Sunday, instead of doing all the touristy things I have done before, we ended right back at the park. I mean, that's really what Ben would have wanted anyway! Sunday night, we took him to Ghiradelli Square and the Trolley stops for a few "classic" SF pics. I can't wait to post the pictures, because for the life of us, we could not wake Ben up! He's asleep at all the "hot spots". Again, wonderful, wonderful baby boy!

As soon as we landed in CA, I noticed that Ben's top two teeth had broken through. Exciting!

Let's see...what else?? Tax time is approaching, which means I will be working late (i.e 5 or 5:30) most nights.

Ben's new classroom is really nice. He was definitely ready for the move. One thing that I do not miss: FORMULA! Ben has been on Whole Milk for the past 3 weeks! Very exciting times. AND, they provide the Whole Milk and the table food at his daycare.

He is starting to learn about a new thing each week. Last week, he learned about Snow. This week, it was all about Fun Foods.

I'm sure this is more than you wanted to know, but I just thought I would catch you up to speed. More pictures to be posted soon!!

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Dawn Marie said...

Awww I miss Leila. I am glad she was sooo good. I meant to ask you how it went with her but it sounds like it went perfect! :)