Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm a believer!

Thanks to Amy, we have found an answer to pee-covered mornings!!!!
I've always placed Ben in a diaper that was one size larger for bed! But, that has NOT been working lately. Every morning, he has been soaking wet with pee.
Yesterday, I picked him up from his crib before work, changed him and took him to daycare. When I finally sat down with my cup of coffee at work, I smelled PEE! Gross, it was all over my sweater. NASTY! That's when I knew things had to change.
Then, like an ANGEL FROM GOD, my friend Amy handed me a Huggies Overnight Diaper for Ben to try, claiming that they were a "God-Sent". She didn't even know about our pee-covered mornings. She just offered one for us to try since she is so pleased with the results. (Too bad her son has figured out that if he poops in one, he still gets changed in the middle of the smart!)
Let me just say that I AM A BELIEVER! YAY for name-brand products! Sometimes they just have the edge over generics....hands-down!
These babies WILL be worked into the budget! =0)


Amy and Joe T. said...

Wow! I feel like such a rock star now -- with all the raving from your post. I'm so glad they're working for you!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

You are a Rock Star to me =0)