Friday, March 27, 2009

Charlotte Trip!

Last week-end, we visited the grandparents in Charlotte. We also had our wonderful photo shoot with Michelle and had a "real date" with our good friends Crystal and Lee. (Date night was definitely the highlight of the much fun, I didn't get any pictures!) On Sunday, we visited with the Arguello's. Never a dull moment!!

Playground fun!

Nicole, Ethan, Ben and Natalie:

I won't tell you why everyone is smiling and sticking their thumbs up. Just know that I embarrassed myself greatly:

Me, Paul, Peter, Gabby, Mena and Nicole (Caleb and Ben in the back!)

Little girls are...... SO cute!

Paul, Danny and Peter:
Gabby and the girls:

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LoveLladro said...

great pic of you and ben! and I so want to know the story behind the thumbs up!