Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beach Grandparents Visit!

Last Sunday, we headed to the beach to 1) visit with my parents and brothers and 2) be together on Selection Sunday. If you weren't following my blog last year, check out this post. Looking forward to Basketball season! I'll show you Ben's bracket soon!Ben was a little clingey because he was teething!
Grandma = COOKIES!
Grandad, Uncle Scott and Me:
Uncle Philip and Grammy:
Ben LOVED Scout. She was such a good dog with Ben:
This is slowly becoming Ben's signature shot (LOVE the cookie beard!):
The Birthday Couple:


Dawn Marie said...

You need to teach me how you put that link in and then changed the name to "post"!

jinglchelle said...

are you coming to charlotte this weekend?!?

jinglchelle said...

you're welcome, i'm sorry things were such a mess!! parade, cold weather, tired ben!!

i will send you some of the pics tomorrow and add some to my blog, but here's one for now:

SO cute!!!