Friday, March 21, 2008

How Does Your Bracket Look Compared to Ben's FIRST March Madness Bracket??

"So....Mommy, what can you tell me about this thing called March Madness? What is the big deal with these things called 'brackets'?"

"Well, Son, this is the biggest tournament of the year for college basketball teams. Certain teams get picked based on their season and standing in their individual conference. Then, they all play each other to come up with only one winner. Everyone tries to guess which team will win each step of the way. It's one big game for the viewers!"

"I like games, Mom....can I play?"

"Sure, Son!"

"This seems like it will be easy. I pick Campbell University to win it all!"

"They weren't good enough this you can't pick them.....but maybe next year!" "Awww, man!"
Then what about Seton Hall or UNCW?" "No? What kind of stupid tournament is this, then?

Well, if those teams didn't make it, then I know Coach Grandad John's Team Royal HAD to have made it....I know they won their division!""Ho, ho, ho, hehe.....I'm just playing with you. That was a joke! Coach Grandad just had a lucky season with a bunch of middle schoolers!"

"Well, I picked my's my bracket" " If you need me, you'll know where to find me!"
"Looks like one of my teams lost get this silly cap off the pen, then I could cross it off!"
"The remote is mine! I sucked on it last!"

"Time to call Uncle Scott and rub it in that I'm beating him already! hehehe....No need to talk to Uncle Philip, his number one team is already out of the competition....hehehe!"

"This is kind of fun! I see why all you silly grown-ups like to watch these games. They're intense! Too bad Mommy and Daddy's TV has week-end I need to go to Grandad's house instead! He's got real cable!"
"YES! My team scored the winning basket with less than 5 secconds remaining!"
"If you guys don't mind, I think I'll sleep right here in the leather recliner tonight....and I think I'll sleep with my bracket. I'm afraid you might cheat and try to pull a fast one over on the rookie!"


babygarner said...

I love this post! He is such a little character like his mommy.

babygarner said...

I agree with Christina, this was a funny post, even though that roundball game is a tool of the devil. Adrienne, can you please tell Ben to stop text messaging me and show the boy the joy of cable tv. What's next, are you two going to take away the diapers too and make him poop outside like the dogs, hehe, jk.