Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Easter Card Ben "Made" For us!

I had to scan everything, so the pictures look a little funny.....but it was just too cute not to post. I love all the little eggs around Ben and the bunny!!

Ben's second day at his daycare (which we call "playschool") was great. Not only did he come home with this Easter card and picture, the teachers even made him a mini-Easter basket.

I survived my first day of work and managed to pump 10 ounces today! This is very good for be impressed. I thought I would be coming home with 6....tops.....if I was lucky! I pumped a whole extra bottle for him. are some cute pictures I took the other day. Ben needs a coat for playschool because they go outside once or twice a day for playtime and buggie rides. Here are a few pictures of when I tried on Ben's coat. It's a little big, but my favorite sister-in-law lent it to us and he'll only need it a few more weeks. I figured that if I was trying on the coat, why not try the hat and mittens, too!!

(Commentary from Caleb: "Why did you post that picture? He looks like a teletubby")

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babygarner said...

Ok I laughed out loud about the teletubby comment! That is too funny. I love the pictures.