Monday, March 24, 2008

Almost Forgot!

Ben rolled over on Friday, March 20. It was from his tummy to his back, but still a major accomplishment as far as I'm concerned! Now, we are working from the back to tummy!


andiewade said...

hooray! when rachel mastered the rolling in both directions she rolled herself under her crib once. i heard crying but i couldn't find her until i saw a tiny socked foot kicking out from under the crib skirt!

The Townleys said...

Haha, I love hearing from you guys! Scout is doing really well with Anna- our problem with him is the camera. he LOVES the flash- goes crazy..

andiewade said...

i think his name was just "dog." we must have really had our creative juices flowing :). we're up to 2 pee pees in the potty! (i think i'm finding m&m's are the key!) poor lucas is a little neglected today. :)