Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ben's Birth Announcement!

Needless to say, my son is almost 10-weeks old and I still have not mailed his birth announcements. My goal was to have them out by 8 weeks. That didn't happen. I wanted my friend in San Francisco to design them for me. I had to wait for the pictures to be ready (I didn't have access to them until Ben was 7 weeks old). Well, when I did have access to them, my friend on the west coast was tied up with the biggest conference in her life.....making it impossible for her to do anything with them that week. She sent me the announcement when Ben was 8 weeks old. Well.....that is the time we took our trip North.....making it ANOTHER week late.

So, now what's the hold up? Turns out the markings on the side are too light and the pictures look like crap when printed by Kinkos. Grrrrrrrr......

By now, unfortunately, I'm through with the really cool announcement idea. Now, I just have to get something printed and mailed before this child is 2!

So, I designed a Target announcement through Shutterfly. I was actually really happy with this one since the pictures are just so darn awesome! My PRINTED confirmation RECEIPT said they would be ready by 4 PM today.....well, after a trip to Target at 6 and now an hour later, I still don't have my stinkin' announcements.

You may be like my husband and saying "Who needs announcements anyway?" Well, I am an avid scrapbooker.....so this is a BIG deal to me.

Anyway....I just needed to vent. I guess things could be worse....but, I'm tired just thinking about how complicated this whole thing has been.

By the way- the announcement designed by my friend is not a total loss. It looks really good posted on my blog AND I plan to use the design as the front page of Ben's scrapbook....whenever I get a chance to work on it!


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I love the announcements, it is a very creative idea. And I really don't think that you could have gone wrong with any of the pics that you chose.