Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ben's Trip North- Part 2 (New Jersey)

After PA, we headed to Old Bridge, NJ to visit my Aunt Juju and Uncle Frank, my cousin Kevin, Cousin Brian and his family (Suzanne and Baby Jackson), the universal Uncle Ron and Ben's GREAT GRAMMY and GREAT GRANDAD! It was such a great trip. The last time we saw this side of the family was in August. Also, Ben got to meet his cousin Jackson(I think they are 2nd or 3rd cousins)! The two hit it off instantly. Jackson was awesome and let Ben "play" (read: stare) at all his toys.

By the way, Suzanne is an amazing artist. I linked her website to my blog on the right. It's If you go to the "For Baby" section, you can see the beautiful nursery she designed and painted for her son!

Jackson is just SO cute. Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks? Now I know why older relatives do that to kids!

Ben's a little young for Jackson's exersaucer......but it was fun to try!

I love Ben's little eyes!

Great Grammy had a great grandson for EACH ARM! (By the way, Jackson is almost 5 months)

Ben was "talking" to Great Grammy here (and smiling a bunch, too!)

Who would have thought that Ben would love the High Chair so much. I was waiting to buy one of these until he was older. But, he LOVED it this trip. (In this picture he looks a little sleepy, though)

Don't Ask! =0) Irish Car Bomb, anyone??

Check out the shoes he kicked off!

I love him!

I always leave Caleb out.....this is why....silly pictures =0)

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Doyle said...

Huzzah for Caleb and the silly pictures. What else is a dad to do with that kind of publicity for his child? I applaud you, Caleb :)