Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Visit to Ben's Daycare

I got the phone call Friday from Ben's daycare. It went something like this:

"We are so excited that Ben is starting with us next week. We all cannot wait to meet him. Everyone keeps asking about him. Please call if you have any questions. If not, see you MONDAY!"

My heart skipped a beat......Ben's not supposed to start until Wednesday.

I called them right away to tell them that they couldn't have him!! hehehe

Because of the mix up, I thought it would be a good idea to take him on Monday to visit (knowing darn well that his little cuteness would be leaving with me)! He had his little St. Patrick's Day outfit on which needed to be shown off anyway!

When we walked in, they were as friendly as always! They "oo-ed" and "ah-ed" over him for a solid 10-15 minutes right away and then more throughout the visit. They were in the middle of feeding some of the kids, so it was a little chaotic, but well under control.

Some things I learned that I loved even more about this place:
- Ben is the youngest (so he'll get the most love....j/k)
- Since Ben is the youngest, he gets the cradle
-Ben is going to make a St. Patrick's Day handprint craft even though he's not starting until Wednesday (they are really into art work)....I can hear it now, "Son, don't you want to be a soccer player?"...."No, Dad, I want to be an artist!" hehehe
- They take the little ones out at least twice a day if the weather is nice to lay on blankets or go on buggey rides.
- The walls are COVERED with pictures of faces and people on one side, animals and pets on another, and many other developmentally appropriate pictures.....and when I say covered, I mean COVERED.....LOVE it!
- One wall is covered with collages that the teachers made. Each collage has pictures of the child, their parents, grandparents, pets, whatever you want it to have. (I already picked out my pictures for the collage)

Let's see....what else?I know there is more, but that is all that I can remember. All in all, it was another great visit to the daycare. (I've been there half a dozen times already since he's been born.) We'll see if I'll be able to leave him tomorrow, though =0(

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babygarner said...

Good luck today! We will be praying for you guys. I know it will be really hard. I am glad that you love the daycare! It sounds like the people that work there make it really easy and comfortable for the parents and the baby.