Friday, March 07, 2008

Ben's Trip North- Part 3 (North Beach, MD)

The last part of our North trip was spent with our friends Joe and Christina who live in North Beach, MD. They bought a bed for their guest room just for us...hehehe...j/k. They took us to the Amish Market which had the best food known to man. I think I gained more in one day there than I gained a whole week during my pregnancy! We had fried chicken (where the meat just melted in your mouth), pretzel pepperoni rolls (think hot pocket wrapped in an Auntie Ann pretzel), homemade bread and pretzels (better than Auntie Ann's, though).

Christina is due in late August, so we let them "borrow" Ben to practice. Joe got to carry him around in the baby carrier and change his diaper. At one point he asked, "Are these lights too bright for him?" To which I responded, "Yes, Joe, please change the bulbs to a lower wattage." It was really fun to take advantage of all he has yet to learn! What are friends for, right?

Also, while we were there, we asked them to be Ben's Godfather and Godmother. They are amazing friends that are like family to us. We admire their heart for the Lord and have always appreciated their friendship. We really wanted to choose Godparents that would hold Caleb and I accountable and encourage us to raise Ben in a way that honors God.

Here are the pictures of Ben's Goddaddy Joe and Godmama Christina:

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