Thursday, March 13, 2008

And the winner is.....

A while back, I was comparing diapers. We've chosen Target brand for now. We had our first "mess" today using these diapers, though. They have worked wonders up until now. I will keep you posted (I know your life would not be complete if you didn't know exactly what diaper Ben's little butt is in at each stage of his life!)

Now on to a new comparison. Which formula to use??? Before I go any further....

YES...I am still breastfeeding and YES I am going to be pumping at work.

But, a growing boy has got to eat...this little guy LOVES to eat, actually. I am hopeful that I will pump enough milk for him to eat the next day, but I am not going to worry myself over every little ounce. (Again, life is too short for this silliness!) So, we need a formula that Ben can handle in case I don't send enough breastmilk.

Enter solution: We just found out that our daycare will provide the formula. They supply Enfamil Lipil.

Enter dilema: Ben HATES this brand. Ben is such a happy little baby....until you feed him this formula. He sucks it all down (because this child will suck down ANYTHING).....but he gets really fussy at night when he's on it.

So...any suggestions?? recommendations??

I already talked to his doctor and was told that he doesn't have a milk allergy because the amount of lactose in formula is much less than that of breast milk. Ben is fine on breastmilk. They seem to think it is just a brand issue....and that I don't need to give him soy or "gas-free" types.

Right now he is on Similac. We won't know until tonight if it has an adverse affect on him. Oh...and let me note that Ben acted really badly to only 2 ounces of the Enfamil. He's had about only 3 ounces of Similac today....fingers crossed. We're trying to start slow.

I bought Nestle GoodStart. The doctor's office recomended that one. It seems to have Comfort Proteins that help break down the protein in formula.

Don't you feel smarter already after reading this post? learn something new everytime you read my blog!

Quick fix: I know.....I could just stay home! Too bad that is not an option! =0(

"But, Mom.....pleeeeeeease. Please stay home with me. How can you resist these little eyes and these pouty lips."

Breaks my heart....sniff sniff.

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andiewade said...

rachel used the walmart brand "parent's choice." it's seriously half the price of the other name brands and her doctor said it's just as good.

good luck with the pumping! i know how much work that can be!