Sunday, June 01, 2008

Loria's Engaged!!!

My best friend from High School is engaged!! Brad popped the question on a HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE! (Caleb, are you taking notes??) She lives out in San Fransisco, so I don't get to see her nearly as often as I would like. Caleb and I wish you two all the best! Brad, we couldn't be more happier to have you as "a part of the family". You better look out for my best friend, though....she deserves the best and is super lucky she found you!

Brad, for your sake, I hope she doesn't look like THIS on your wedding day (hehehehehehe):

Loria, I had to post it- trying on my mom's veil BEFORE I had it re-done. And, I still have my mom's old 70's snowsuit for your bachelorette party!!

I am blessed to have friends that are like family to me:


Crystal said...

awww, yeah for Loria. :-) have you guys thought about trying to get together this weekend any or will you be too busy?

Diison said...

Oh my gosh!@ You couldn't have shown me that photo BEFORE?! J/K!!! =) Thanks! And thanks for all the morale support! =D