Monday, June 09, 2008

Question: What should you NOT do when gas prices are nearing $5 a gallon AND it just so happens to be over 100 degrees outside?

Answer: Drive All Over Charlotte Following An Ecuadorian’s Directions

We went to Charlotte this past week-end and met up with our friends Crystal and Lee for a very nice meal at Firebird’s. They got to spend time with Ben and we were all able to catch up. AND….this time!….we didn’t screw up their plans, like we always seem to do since Crystal and I are seriously indecisive and full-blown people pleasers! Anyway….it was a really nice time.

Then, we figured that since we were in Charlotte, we HAD to see Caleb’s high school friend Paul and his family. It’s a must when we are in Charlotte. If you look back over the previous posts, this is the family that we usually go to the mountains with each Thanksgiving Week-end to pick out a Christmas tree.

We hopped in our BLACK car (which was about 140 degrees inside). Caleb talked to Paul and “got directions”. Paul never told us where we were going. The conversation went more like this: “I’m somewhere over here, so come find me!”

Not only did we go over 40 miles OUT OF OUR WAY, we had to stop at about 5 different ice creams shops before we found one that actually had tables and chairs INSIDE.

Oh….it gets better. Do you know where we ended up? Less than a mile away from FIREBIRDS….where we had just eaten lunch with Crystal and Lee. Complete circle…..all out of the way…following a crazy guy from Ecquador.

Lesson Learned!

(Life would be SO boring without the Arguellos!)

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