Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's New?

My little boy is growing up =0)

He can now eat Peas, Applesauce and Sweet Potatoes. He makes THE funniest face when he eats the applesauce. We think it is a little tart.....but he finishes it anyway. At this point, he is eating twice a day. Once at daycare (rice cereal and 1/2 a jar of baby food) and once after I feed him when I get home from work (1/2 a jar of baby food).

He's started saying "Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba". My great grandmother was known as Baba and my grandmother (Ben's greatgrandmother) is known as Baba. So, Ben's first "words" were Ba-Ba! I made sure to call Baba and tell her the good news.

Also, yesterday, I swear that Ben looked right at me and said "DA!" It wasn't Da-Da, so I'm still holding out that he will say Ma-Ma before Da-Da!

Also, Ben officially "rocks" on his hands and knees. It is SO cute. He started last Friday. I gets on all fours and rocks back and forth. If you put a toy out of reach, he will "rock" his way right over to it.

I love it!


andiewade said...

you're officially entering the fun stage ;)

andiewade said...

no, i was actually being totally serious! yeah, it's crazy to chase them around everywhere, but it's so funny to see what they can get into. i'm actually looking forward to lucas being able to chase rachel around :). just brace yourself for a lot of head bonks!