Thursday, July 10, 2008

Forver Home for Riley!

We were VERY picky about who we let meet Riley as a possible forever owner. We are very happy with the family he went to live with.

The lady who fell in love with Riley is married to a truck driver who is on the road a lot. She has two Jack Russell terriers and her big dog of 18 years just passed away. She was looking for another big dog to fill that gap.

Enter Riley!

They live in Clayton and have a lot of land. She called us after he got home with her and told us that he loved chasing all the bunnies, and he was just about to jump into the pool for a quick dip. She even told us that she would send us Christmas cards with his pictures until we told her to stop!

We’re very happy to have found a good home for him.

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The Townleys said...

I was wondering what happened with your pup, but was afraid to ask because I know how hard that must have been. BUT such a blessing that he's in a wonderful home! Congrats! I hope you share the doggy Christmas cards!