Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Lazy Bear Lodge

Happy 4th of July!

We're a little late wishing you a Happy Independence Day because we spent the long week-end in Valle Crucis, NC (aka The NC Mountains!). This was our first week-end away from Ben (It was about time! We love him dearly, but I've heard a trip is necessary within the first 3-6 months!) MeeMom and PopPop came in from Maryland and watched Ben while we were away. We have over a hundred pictures from their visit with him, so we thought it would be best to share our pictures first.

We LOVED the entire trip. If you are ever looking for a B&B to stay in the mountains...this is it! The location was great (6 miles from Boone, NC). Here's the site:

The massage room!

Our Bedroom!

The dining area!

The View!

Caleb had flowers waiting for me in the room! (Nice Touch!)

A picture with Ethel and BoBo!

On Saturday, Caleb and I went on a Fly Fishing float trip down the Watauga River (in Tennessee!) I know, you either think I am the coolest wife on the planet or a complete idiot! I have to admit, it was GREAT! We had a really good guide through Elf Creek Outfitters ( He was very patient. He demonstrated how to cast and was there to fix all the knots in my line. I even hooked Caleb a few times =0)

The river was absolutely beautiful. This was BY FAR the best way to travel it! There was a mist/fog sitting over the water which made you feel like you were completely alone on the river.
For lunch, our guide parked us right up on the bank and cooked up a crab cake lunch to die for!
We got stuck in rain for about 20-30 minutes....but that's when I caught my biggest fish, so it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would! By the way, rainbow trout are beautiful.
Again, this trip was a much needed retreat, and we made many new "just us" memories!
Here are some of the highlights we actually had the camera around to capture:

I'm pretty sure that's a smile on my face!

This was my little fish that I caught! I caught another bigger one while it was raining and had about 12 "she got away" stories! Caleb's fish were all bigger than mine!
Like a pro!
(Caleb thought I was going to be miserable the entire trip....but I surprised him!)

It was so peaceful!

My new hat for the trip! Hey! If I was going fly fishing for a whole day, you better believe I bought a new outfit for it!

More misty pictures!

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