Monday, July 07, 2008

A Thank You- From Ben!

Dear MeeMom and PopPop-

Thank you for watching me while my Mommy and Daddy were in the mountains.

I had a really good time! I loved going to the museums with you. I liked the butterfly garden the best and hope to go again with you really soon! I also liked how you fed me my bottles. You did a really good job! I’m sorry I get a little mad when I’m starving! I’m working on that.

Thank you for introducing me to pears. They were GOOD! I like the extra rice cereal you threw in there. I like eating!

Thank you for taking the time to work on new ways to go to sleep. Thanks for putting batteries in my mobile and for leaving it on so that I could play with it during the night. Thank you thinking up the idea of including two pacifiers in my crib with me. I really like one for each hand.

Thank you for singing “Rock-a-bye Benjamin” and “Jesus Loves the Little Benjamins”! That made me really happy!

PopPop Paul- Thank you for blowing up my pool and for playing with me in it! That was really cool! Thank you, also, for cleaning the house for Mommy and Daddy. They told me that was really nice to come home to. It let them have more time to play with me.

Can’t wait until Disney World! See you soon!



P.S.- Kirk says thanks for not losing him!

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