Friday, July 11, 2008

Visit With MeeMom and PopPop!

Here are some pictures from Ben's visit with MeeMom and PopPop while Caleb and I were in the mountains. Ben's favorite part of the trip was visiting the museums...especially the Butterfly Garden....where about 75-100 butterflies flew all around him! Fun Times!


andiewade said...

he looks like such a big KID! i can't believe it!

packing is going slowly, but surely. furniture is slowly disappearing. i made my first good will run today. i want to keep track to see how many times i actually go :). i saw you found a new home for your dog. how are the overseas plans coming?

we hope to be at, at least, the homecoming game! :)

andiewade said...

i think my uterus actually recoiled in fear when i read that comment :)