Thursday, April 23, 2009

At least I'm getting to work on time, right???

I think I have set a new record for the year. I have clocked in EARLY this week for work instead of LATE for 4 days straight. I wish that I had a better reason for this lack of tardiness.....but here goes:

I have had to do the 30 second dash at Ben's daycare. Ben has hit the "clingy" stage with full force. One day he was happy playing in the morning and going to see the fish (pronounced "ish" and with every muscle in his body shaking with excitment when spouted off). The next day, he would not let go. Fingernails digging into my arm and back for dear life.

"Ben, do you want to see the fish?" He shakes his head No.
"Ben, do you want to go with Mama Joyce?" He shakes his head No.

That's when I have to place him in the loving arms of his teachers and RUN. All the while, I can hear my son screaming with all of his might for me NOT to go.

Thus....I have been early to work =0(


The Ward Family said...

Taylor went through this phase...fortunately, it passes! It is so hard to leave your child when they are crying but know he is just fine shortly after you leave!

PS- When we said prayers last night, Taylor prayed for "Bend." (AKA- Ben)

andiewade said...

oh adrienne, i feel your pain. now that lucas is in childcare most of the day, my arms have been sore from his deathgrip every morning. but he's fine as soon as i make my dash. it's just so hard to let go! :)

LoveLladro said...

Ugh... bad reason to be getting to work early but at least you are looking on the bright side? Hope this passes soon!

Rebecca said...

hope the clingy stage passes quickly! i hear we may see you this weekend! i hope that rumor is true. i want to talk to you about that weight loss blog you have... i would like to join if there's still room. hope you guys are doing well! can't wait to see you!