Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! (Part 1)

What a beautiful day!

We dyed Easter Eggs last night so that they would be ready for us in the morning!

Ben had an Easter Egg trail waiting for him after breakfast. (Thank you to Baba Benke!! She sent Ben a special Easter card which allowed us to go shopping for Easter surpries!)

Ben had an Easter basket waiting for him at the end of the trail.

Complete with his very own White Bunny!! (Thanks again, Baba!)

Also, Ben was able to use his Build-a-Bear Gift card from Great Aunt Dian and Great Uncle David!! He got it for his Birthday and thought it would be a nice treat. He's at an age where he can really enjoy his. He loved picking out his soft bear. He loved watching it get "stuufed". But, he did NOT like giving the bear a bather (with air). He was afraid his bear was getting hurt and cried for it back! He even picked out the outfit:

BBPD (Build-a-Bear Police Dept)

I love the holidays through Ben's eyes!

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