Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Hair Story:

I don't get out much. Actually, my day consists of practically the same thing. Don't get me wrong! I love my day....but I think I lead a little sheltered life.
Here's the story of my hair. You can see the picture below: I like my hair cut, but it is definitely NOT worth what I paid for it.
So, I share my story to warn others who may be "sheltered" like me!
I have had my hair cut by Mitchell's at Crabtree Valley mall for the past 4 cuts. I was happy with each cut. My hair has been trained for this cut, so I think it is pretty easy to trim. It has cost $28 each visit! Score!
Then, I had Melanie cut my hair. I liked it. I paid $28. To my stupidity, I requested her for this past hair cut and the cost went up to a flippin' $50. Don't get me wrong. A $50 hair cut is not unheard of if you are "going for a change" or "want a new look", etc. What I didn't realize is that when you request a stylist, suddenly you get their "Star" price. Anyway...pissed me off. She's good, but I was happy with my cut from everyone else, too. You think she would have told me that the price would be different. Maybe I should have known.....either way, I am very proud of myself because I plan to take my butt back into that salon and pay my normal $28 price. We'll see if Melanie notices that I will NO LONGER be requesting her.
Times are tough!


Caleb said...

your hair looks like a million bucks sweetheart, that means that 50 bucks was a deal!

Garner Gang said...

Your hair does look really great! I pay $36 per haircut and am never truly satisfied. I miss Candi from Campbell. I think that hair cut was $15 and she did a great job. I was happy every time. Now if I could just replicate that a little closer to MD!