Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Don't Hate Me Because I Became a Carolina Basketball Fan!"

If you had seen Ben this morning, you would have seen him wearing his Carolina Blue T-Shirt with his Basketball hoodie carrying a sign around his daycare which read:

"My Teacher's B-Ball Team can beat Your B-Ball Team any day of the week IN THEIR SLEEP! HOLLA! Go Carolina!"

(I'm just praying that he doesn't get beaten up!)

It is official, Ben is a Carolina Basketball fan. He has only been around for 2 March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournaments and BOTH years, he has picked Carolina to win! Well, this year, his bracket came in LAST in our Benke Family Competition, but he did manage to pick the NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. (If you could see him now, he has his hand on his nose is wiggling his fingers while sticking out his tongue- which he can do now- and is saying "Nan Nan Na Boo Boo!" to Grandad, Uncle Philip and Uncle Scott.)

Little bit of background- Upon moving to NC, it became VERY clear that it just didn't seem "right" to pick a team since we really had no allegiance to a particular school except Campbell (who seems to not even show up for games) and Seton Hall (who's games never seem to be on since NC has a ba-zillion teams that trump air time).

Now that Ben has picked Carolina TWICE in his bracket-picking career coupled with the fact that all his daycare Mama's said that it was OK for him to become a fan because he's part of "their" family....it is now official.
Currently, I am a Carolina Basketball fan, too....because I want what makes my son happy! Whenever we have our next child, we will have to see which North Carolina school finds them! Until then....Go Heels!

(By the way, I made a point to type "Basketball" team. We are not automatically Carolina Football fans! Just so you know....in case you were wondering!)


Brittany said...

He probably won't get beat up unless there is a really smart toddler who can read at his school and is a Duke fan (and the two could likely go together!)

LoveLladro said...

too cute... maybe you should take Ben to the race tracks... I'm just saying... it would be a good way to earn some extra money!