Thursday, April 30, 2009


It has been a whirlwind of a couple of weeks! Tax Season is officially over and I am PUMPED about that! But, summer fun has started with full force. Even though it is technically not summer yet, the day and evening planner has filled up and the phone is ringing off the hook =0) There is so much to do and so many people to see and so many plans to make for PNG.

Caleb was out of town last week-end, too. He attended a Crisis Consultant International Conference in Charlotte and received a lot of new things to think about and study. You can check out our Travels and Musings blog- more info on that!!

Let's just say that I am happy that he is home. Ben was a wonderful little baby, but the extra hands help!

For the past two weeks, it feels as if we have hung out with one or all of the couples from our church! I feel so blessed to have so many friends and the fact that I am forming friendships again that I never thought would be so "real".

I HAVE to remember to get the camera charged and start taking more pictures. When the schedule fills up, some things have to go.....Here's to making updates a priority again!

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LoveLladro said...

Isn't it amazing what having 2 extra hands does? I mean they are good kids but wow! Oh and please get out the camera... word posts are ok but we need a picture (or 10) of Ben as often as possible!