Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter (Part 2)

We spent a majority of our Easter week-end with our friends from church! We had an Easter Egg hunt and it was a smashing success!
The little ones got to play on the playground while the rest of us hid the eggs!
Caleb takes much better pictures than me: Ben is really starting to "climb"!

Many "firsts" for little Brayden:
Then it was off!! Every kid for themselves!

Brayden soon got the hang of it:

John and Ben didn't fight over eggs!

It was so cute. John liked to take the eggs out of the basket and put them back on the ground. Ben liked this because it was more for him to pick up. Ben didn't care who's basket the eggs went into....he just liked playing the game!

Then it was family picture time:

Matt, Jennifer and Brayden

Caleb, Adrienne and Ben

Joe, John and Amy
Jennifer, Greg and Levi! (He is so good with kids! He even had a couple of eggs for himself!)

After church on Sunday, we all went to Mimi's Cafe for lunch! YUM!!
John has such a fun face when the camera comes out:

Good Times!!

(Front- Jennfier, Brayden, Ben, Me, Amy, John, Kerry, Jennifer

Back: Matt, Caleb, Joe, David, Greg)


The Ward Family said...

How cute! I hate we missed all the fun! Happy Easter!

LoveLladro said...

Ugh... Chase is doing the climbing thing now. Part of me thinks it's great... the other is scared to death ;~)