Saturday, December 26, 2009

Baltimore Christmas!

We were in Baltimore on the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning before Christmas. In typical MeeMom fashion, the days were packed and we all had a wonderful time.
We started the trip off by meeting at Arundel Mills for a picture with Santa and some last minute Christmas shopping. This shot is turning into a Christmas tradition:
Here is the "illegal" picture with Santa. PopPop Paul almost got escorted out of the mall for taking pictures:

Ben was even allowed to ride the school bus. Caleb NEVER lets him ride these:

He even give hugs to passengers:

On Tuesday morning, we celebrated Christmas. Ben has really figured out this whole present thing. He tore into everyone's presents.....not just his own.

Christmas morning....and presents waiting under the tree!

Uncle Andrew ("Ahh-Choo") and PopPop

Everyone but Caleb sports the Christmas hats.

Ben finally got his doctor's kit. This is a present that I have been begging to buy for Ben. Thanks, MeeMom and PopPop!

Finally, we managed to get Caleb to wear his bike helmet. Success- everyone was wearing a hat!
AND....the night would not be complete without a little (or a lot) of Guitar Hero!

We Rock! Seriously....

Another highlight of the trip was a much needed girl's night with my high school friends, Dawn, Rindi and Elise:

They all humored me and went to one of my favorite restaurants, Sabatino's in Little Italy, downtown Baltimore:

More to come from our Baltimore trip....

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