Sunday, December 20, 2009

Date Night!!!!!!

As you know, we are now living with our friends. They have a son who is one week younger than we have been having a blast. The boys are so cute. Ben calls John- "Dot". John calls Ben "Bee". Amy says that they sound like two old women talking back and forth to each other, "Hey Dot. Hey, Bee!"
We miss them already since we are traveling, so I thought I would post pictures from our most recent date night (SUSHI)! It is going to be so sad when we say "Good-Bye". I don't want to think about that, enjoy the pictures!
FUN TIMES! Joe & Amy

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Joe, Amy and John said...

We miss you too! John keeps thinking Ben is going to come home anytime! ;(

LOVED this date night and hope we can squeeze in a few more before you....I can't even say it.