Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's a Bird, It's a Plane....No! It's a Wii...!

You can probably tell from this post, that I have become a little "obsessed" with Guitar Hero. Or maybe, that sentence should read like this: I have become a "little" obsessed with Guitar Hero. You can place the emphasis where you would like depending on how well you know me.

Both statements are actually a severe understatement. In fact, the first time I played Guitar Hero was on Halloween week-end with our small group. Over a month later, I was still talking about this game. I tried to rationalize how being a missionary and owning a Wii were not oxymorons. I thought that if we got tons of Christmas money, it would all be OK. I tried to come back down to reality over and over again.

But....then on Thanksgiving week-end, we played Guitar Hero for over 4 hours straight (full band style) and I was back to the destructive, depressing, one-track mode again. I really wanted a Wii, but knew that there would be no Wii for Mii!

THEN.....two Thursdays ago, our small group made an announcement that they had some housekeeping things to discuss. One of those "things" included an early Christmas present for us. Out came two (glorious) friends holding two boxes that looked STRANGELY close to being the box of a Wii and the box of Guitar Hero. I literally thought to myself, "Adrienne, you are OBSESSED. Not only do you really want this game, but you are starting to hallucinate. It is going to be a long Christmas if you keep thinking that every gift you get is going to be Guitar Hero." Our group knew that we loved the game during the beach week-end, but we had been obsessing in private and only with family about this. It couldn't be...

The rest is history. I opened the package that was placed on my lap (the other was on Caleb's) and I felt like that little girl who always wanted a pony and finally got one for Christmas. Our crazy small group bought us a Wii and Guitar Hero. CRAZY! We are going to be the coolest missionaries on the island. People are going to travel far and wide to come to our shows...

Ok, maybe that is a stretch....but I am SO EXCITED!

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LoveLladro said...

How awesome! What a great group of friends. Wii... bringing people closer to God. Who knew?