Sunday, December 20, 2009

North Beach Highlights

It would not be an evening with the Weir's without Guitar Hero!We arrived in North Beach, MD for dinner on Friday night. After a Chinese dinner, the kids went to bed and the grown-ups enjoyed this MATURE evening filled with Rocking Out! Ben LOVES guitars ("g-tarrrrr"). We let him pretend that he is playing. He can usually last through 2 songs before he is too bored and moves on....

Abby and Benjamin took a "sit" on Caleb's old motorcycle. Ahh...memories....

The blizzard started Friday night at 10:00pm and continued all of Saturday. Joe and Caleb continued to go out during all of it to shovel. They had to really bundle up:

Joe with his paint ball mask.

We were underdressed for this modeled by Caleb. He borrowed over half of what he is wearing. Hey! What can I say? We are moving to the tropics in less than a month!

Shoveling in the snow.
As usual, we spent more time dressing Abby and Ben for the elements than the time we actually spent in it. It was still really snowey and gross on Saturday. But, we managed to get a few shots:

Pretty in pink!

All bundled up:

After we realized that the snow would just continue until Sunday, we settled for laundry basket rides around the house. Fun times!

On Sunday morning, we went to Joe's parents house for breakfast. They live two houses down the street, but it took a looong time to get there since we had to dig our way to them:

On Sunday afternoon, the sun came out. We spent the afternoon watching football, playing on the deck and giving our friends hugs:

Uncle Joe Joe has an awesome train. Ben wanted it to be turned on practically every minute. Uncle Joe Joe and Aunt Tina were VERY patient with his persistence.

Thank you Joe, Christina and Abby for putting us up for the week-end. We really enjoyed getting snowed in with you. We hope that you have a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to seeing you again around New Year's.

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Garner Gang said...

We had a great time being snowed in with you guys too! It makes it sooo much more bearable to be snowed in with a fun family Great job on the blog! The kids were so cute =) However Abby's new favorite word in Mine... Hopefully she will sleep it off and forget about it ;)