Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas in Wilmington

Last week-end, we enjoyed a great visit with Beach Grammy and Beach Grandpa in Wilmington, NC. While we were there, Ben decorated a Gingerbread House with Grammy. I was surprised at how focused he was during the whole decorating process. He carefully followed Grammy's instructions and only became a little distracted once he learned you could actually eat the gum drops.

While in Wilmington, we were able to watch Uncle Philip and Uncle Scott play a basketball game coached by Beach Grandpa. It was a close that we will all remember for a long time since a fight broke out in the middle of it. Luckily, no one was hurt and my brothers were not involved.

During the game, Ben was holding onto a basketball. He dropped it and it rolled onto the court while the game was going on. He screamed bloody murder and all eyes turned to the "Boy Who Lost His Beloved Basketball". A nice man returned it to Ben, but he was so upset, he could not calm down. The crocodile tears were priceless.

Hope you enjoy the pictures...and that you are enjoying this time of the year...

Ben loves "Baby Ghee-Ghus". Whenever he sees a Nativity scene, he goes right on over and pulls Baby Jesus out. He then keeps Baby Jesus in his pocket or by his side for hours.

Family Photo:

Uncle Scott, Beach Grammy, Beach Grandpa, Ben, Caleb, Adrienne & Uncle Philip

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