Friday, December 11, 2009

Ben's New Room:

I meant to post pictures of Ben's new room a long time ago....since all this is now packed and on its way to PNG. We figured that he grew out of the bees a while ago. Now that he is super interested in cars, trucks, boats, airplanes and the like, I changed the theme to "Benjamin On The Move". I thought it to be appropriate since we are actually moving. All the decor is lightweight and easy to pack. The idea is that when we get to our house in Papua New Guinea, we will use all the same decorations he had in his room here. Maybe it will help a little with the transition.

Pictures of the grandparents!

Simple Scrapbook paper on the walls with putty (It'll be portable).
The flying bees were replaced with fun fast cars:

These blocks have all sorts of different tracks (car, train, etc):

We have sheets for a crib AND MeeMom bought a Twin bed comforter/sheet set that is being shipped to PNG which matches:

Wide Views:

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