Monday, December 15, 2008

Benjamin's First Christmas....with the Benke's!

Benjamin experienced his FIRST Christmas with his Beach Grandparents last week-end. Uncle Philip and Uncle Scott made the trek from Wilmington to Raleigh, too. It was a very nice, relaxing week-end. Ben did not understand how to open the gifts yet....he did not know why we were asking him to tear things....usually that gets a strong "No!". No, Ben, don't tear your books. No, don't tear the get the point. But, he DID enjoy playing with the wrapping paper once it was on the floor. AND....he LOVES his new:


Grammy helped Ben tear off another ring on his Countdown to Christmas!

Grandad and Grammy

Uncle Philip

Uncle Scott read to Ben from MY old advent calendar! "A is for Angel, as sweet as can be, look how she smiles from the top of the tree. B is for Box with a big fancy bow. What could be hidden inside, do you know??"

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


andiewade said...

merry first christmas, ben!

Garner Gang said...

I think after all of the Christmas celebrations and birthday parties, Ben will get the hang of ripping open his presents. He catches on to everything so quickly. We can't wait to see you guys soon!