Monday, December 01, 2008

Why Wait Until New Year’s Day??

Last Friday, I was one of THOSE people who was up at the crack of dawn to go shopping!! The purchase of the morning was by far the New Year’s dress that I bought. Not only was it a $100 dress that I scored for $40, it was the last one….exactly in my size. I love it and can’t wait to wear it with my black boots (which I don’t own yet) to the Schlieman beach house party! =0)

Anyway, the purchase got me thinking. Why wait until New Year’s Day to start my New Year’s resolution?? I already know that it will be to lose weight. I would like to lose 10-15 pounds….who doesn’t whether she needs to or not??

I have not been blessed with the gift of a high metabolism, but I am not going to sulk about it. I am going to try what has worked for me in the past. But, I am looking for one or two friends to help keep me accountable!

I am going to start a private blog where I will post a picture of what the scale reads every Thursday. I’m not really sure how I will conduct the posts, but I thought it was worth a shot. Let me know if you are interested in joining this private blog with me. Send me your e-mail address to and we can figure out the details- like do you want to be anonymous? Do you want to be on a blog with people you know or have never known? Etc….

I just want to get motivated and I’m not afraid of other girls (sorry guys) knowing my weight if they will help encourage me to stick to my goals. I figure we can post recipes, tips, etc. I will personally be trying to follow Weight Watchers only because I was successful with it in the past. My hope would be that a few of my friends would join me on the blog, but choose the weight loss style that has worked for them in the past. We’ve all been at that ideal weight before, there is no reason why we can’t go back!!

Quick! E-mail me! That Reece’s Cup is calling my name =0) “Adrienne”…

(BTW...I intially thought this would work best on Facebook, but I can't access that while at that I why I am choosing the blog format...)

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