Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve Present

When I was little (Ok....even now), I could never wait until Christmas morning to open my presents. My mom started the tradition of letting me open one present on Christmas Eve night. This year, my mom wouldn't let me open a gift (I was very upset), but let Ben open one early. The gift turned out to be a hit. He played with it the entire trip. There truly is something special about being with a child for the holidays. They get So excited and that energy is contagious.

The Christmas Eve Present!

Ben loved his firetruck! Thanks MeeMom and PopPop.

I liked this picture with the fireplace in the background. MeeMom's house was built by her father. It is so nice to come home for the holidays to a house that has been in the family through many generations.
Even though I didn't get a present to open early, I was able to play with Ben's when he went to bed! (BTW, Baltimore Christmas was on Tuesday, December 23rd!)


nbalike said...
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Skipjimroo said...

Mi Casa es su Casa is the first blog that the "next blog" feature has ever taken me to that didn't make me sorry for it's existence!

Thought I'd commemorate the occasion by leaving you a comment to tell you of this once in a lifetime occurrence.

Glad to hear you had a nice Christmas.