Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Jersey Christmas and Birthday Celebrations!

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Meets Happy Birthday, Benjamin!

Looks like Ben still has some learning to do about the real "Reason for the Season"! (He's our little destructor)

On Friday, after a not-so-quick trip to the Urgent Care (3 looong hours), we made the trek to New Jersey to visit our extended family. Benjamin got to spend some quality time with his great-grandfather Benke and great-grandmother Baba.

(Back Row- Caleb, Adrienne, Ben, Brother Philip, Grandad, Grammy, Uncle Frank, Aunt Juju, Cousin Kevin Front Row- Brother Scott, Baba, Great-Greandad, Cousin Brian's Fam- Suzanne, Brian and Baby Jackson)

We celebrated Ben's birthday and my parents' anniversary complete with cake and candles!

Ben wanted to grab the candles! (Notice the big 1 for him and the other three candles for my parents- celebrating the past, present and future.)

I helped him blow out the candle.

"Digging In" to the Carvel ice cream cake!

Look at that adorable milk mustache.

Benjamin and his cousin Jackson had a fun time playing together! The last time they saw each other, Benjamin was 2 months old and Jackson was 4 1/2 months old.

The initial meeting:

Boys will be boys....and these boys were into everything! I loved how Jackson ran right over to Great Grandad's "hydrolic" chair and made it almost tip over! Ben likes to push buttons, too:

I love this shot. My grandfather was so engaged in what was going on around him here. I could tell how proud he was of us and how thankful he was that we made the trip to visit:

Playing nicely (i.e not slapping each other or biting):

Of all the toys the little ones had, they both enjoyed being int he walker the best:

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