Monday, December 29, 2008

Still Sick- UPDATED

Still very very sick. Looks like I will be home another day from work. Not fun at all. This sickness is really kicking my butt. Go away, stupid sickness thing.

Tuesday Afternoon- I LOVE MUCINEX! I went to the doctor this morning. He said that I am on the verge of either 1) beating this cold or 2) having it turn into bronchitis or pneumonia. He wrote a prescription for me to fill if I don't beat this sickness in the next 24 hours. In the meantime, he recommended Mucinex and so far I'm a believer. The stupid bottle of pills cost $20.....I guess I should have figured that my $4 DayQuil might not cut it. Anyway, my nose is running more freely. I am still really exhausted and feel "under the weather". I got my doctor note for work and hope to return tomorrow.

On a side note, I am currently parked outside McDonald's with my dog and our home defense weapons. We got our second house showing phone call. YAY! We will be here for the next hour and a half....not YAY!

View from the sunroof of McDonald's

This is the life:

My trusty pooch:


Kelli said...

Stay home and get well soon! You must come hang out for new years and have fun! Are you still planning on coming?

The Ward Family said...

Feel better soon! I hope Ben's Birthday was special. I forgot to write our "endorsement" got crazy around the holidays." Is it too late?!?!

I really, really hope you feel better soon!

Garner Gang said...

We hope you feel better. Ask Caleb what remedy he told me to use when I am not feeling up to par.

Caleb and Adrienne said...

Gosh- I just realized how awful I look in that picture. WHO CARES! I'M SICK!

Kerry said...

mucinex is the best medicine ever invented. it's worth every cent, right? i love it. someone introduced me to it a few years ago and whenever i'm's the first thing i go to. okay, enough of the free mucinex commercial here.