Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is Coming....

Can you feel it??

We are in the heart of our trip North and it is so exciting. I am SO looking forward to all the relatives loving on Ben!

My friend from Jacksonville drove to Raleigh Friday night. On Saturday, Dawn and I spent the day with Benjamin. We did a little shopping at Crabtree, I got my hair cut and had a nice lunch at the Cheesecake Factory...YUM! Then, that night, Caleb watched Ben while we "had a night on the town". We ate at the 42nd Street Oyster Bar (my favorite). The weather was really gross, so we changed our plans and ended right back at Crabtree mall again. This time, without Ben, we went "crazy" at this store called Lush. They sell these bath fizzies and bath bubble bars and I am A-D-I-C-T-E-D! We figured since we had a long drive the next morning and potential stress ahead, that we would call it a night at 8 PM. Dawn went to the guest bathroom and I went to my bathroom and I had my first experience with the fizzie. This thing actually put butter in the tub! Other ones put pudding, seaweed, rose pedals, glitter, etc. It was so cool. Look up the store. Find one near you....and indulge a little.

Sunday morning, we hit the road North. Ben and I rode with Dawn to Fredericksburg. Then, Caleb, Ben and I headed to North Beach to visit Joe, Christina and Baby Abigail. Abby is getting so big and she has such beautiful expressive eyes. Ben slapped her (not good)....we have some things to work on. Other than that, it was a great, relaxing trip. Oh! We also realized that we need to buy a chair so that Ben can sit at the table. Food was EVERYWHERE. My favorite part of this trip was when we left, I turned around to say good bye and I realized that the living room was TRASHED. (Joe's a little bit of a neat freak). Wrapping paper, pillows, Wii controlers and toys were all over. Get ready Joe.....your time will come!

We are now in Baltimore visiting with MeeMom, PopPop and Uncle Andrew. I'm a little nervous because Ben has a little cold. I'm hoping he can get over it soon and it doesn't make him too uncomfortable.

Pictures to come eventually....

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The Townleys said...

What! You're right here?!?! helloooo! Nah, it's Christmas, enjoy hanging with family. But if Ben needs a playdate, we're about 20 minutes away! :-)