Thursday, January 17, 2008

Big Boy Bath!

This post is dedicated to Auntie Dawn in Jacksonville, FL who hooked us up with the cutest duckie hooded towel and the temperature control duck that tells you if the bath water is too hot.
Benjamin's cord fell off on Monday, but we were still too hesitant to give him his first real he's had spounge baths since then. Well, my mom informed me that it was time to "grow up" and let this little guy experience the water. She said that he would probably love it and love kicking his feet around.

Well, he loved kicking his feet around.....but only because I am sure he HATED the bath. As with the spounge bath, the second time is always the charm. I'm sure he will grow to love it in due time.

Here are some pictures from the fiasco!

Auntie Dawn gave me this as a present because I told her I was pregnant on our girls' trip to FL last summer! The tourist duck was appropriate because of all the pictures we took!

It gets better, Little Man, I promise! Life is so hard as a 20 day old!

Benjamin LOVES being held. This is the hooded towel from Auntie Dawn, too.

Oooops! Hopefully that will come out! Benjamin got a little too comfortable and went all over the new towel! It's in the wash now!

The "scene of the bath" immediately following. Next time we'll ask Daddy to help!

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