Monday, January 21, 2008

Quick Update!

Benjamin is now 3 weeks old! I can't believe how quickly the weeks have flown by. It's sad that I am now single digit weeks away from returning to work (9 weeks left). I am still in a lot of pain between feedings, but it does look like Benjamin is feeling better. Caleb starts night shift this week. So, we get to see how life is like with that schedule. All in all, things are wonderful! Benjamin is eating like a champ, I'm getting more than enough sleep each day and Caleb has been such an amazing, attentive husband. He is really trying hard to do whatever he can to help!
Grammy Weir came to visit us this past week-end. We also got to visit with Uncle Cam, Aunt Jill and Cousin Alex. Caleb's Sgt and his wife stopped by for a visit, too. We LOVE visitors!!

Yesterday was our Photo Session with Rebecca (FrameLight Photography). Ben was WONDERFUL! He kept those little eyes open for a majority of the time AND he even let us undress him down to his little diaper for a few pictures. (This little man HATES to be this was HUGE.) I can't wait to see how they turned out!

Current Advice Needed- Ben pees all over himself and it leaks through the diaper. I am not very good at changing little boy diapers....girls were so much easier. His little sprinkler is extremely unpredictable....yet inevitable! We ordered PeePee TeePee's to help when we are changing that he won't go all over himself. But, I am still going through about 3-4 outfits a day, because it leaks through the sides or up the top of the diaper. Maybe I just need to try a new brand of diapers!

Uncle Cam and Cousin Alex on Caleb's bike! (I get to ride with Caleb now on it!!)

Don't worry, I rescued him ASAP! It did make a funny picture though!

If you know our dogs, you know that this is very uncharacteristic of them!! They really like laying by the fireplace, though!


Kristin Ertel said...

Hey sweetie!

I finally got to catch up on your blog!!! But I do have a suggestion about Benjamin's diapers...I don't know which brand you're using, but Huggies seem to work the best for little boys! Several of my friends (including my mom & Lisa) had to switch to Huggies when they had boys!!! I honestly don't know exactly why this is, but it may be worth a shot! (And worth it to keep those "shots" in his diapers!!!)

Hope this helps! Love you!

andiewade said...

some people gave us some pampers baby dry diapers when rachel was born and they were AWFUL. no clue why they'd bother to name them BABY DRY. we just had really bad luck with pampers in general (odd, since they're the most expensive).

unfortunatley, i'm gonna be in the same boat as you in a few weeks... i seriously lack experience with little boys and diapers! who knew i'd be nervous about changing diapers again!