Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thanks for the advice!

Things are still going really well with little Benjamin. He and I do have yeast/thrush now....which is making breastfeeding a little difficult (more for him than for me). We have the antibiotics and are hopeful that it will all clear up soon....since we caught it early.

I wanted to thank all the other mom's/friends/family out there who have given me so much wonderful advice. I am so appreciative of all of your long e-mails, phone conversations and quick responses when I need help.

Thank you:


Jill (Stepmother)

Ann (Mother-inLaw)

Jill (Sister-in-Law)

Tabetha (Co-worker)

Kelly (Church friend)

Kelli (College Friend)

Kerry (Chruch Friend/Speech Pathologist)

Andie (Ex-Roomie from college)

Kristin (Church Friend and future first babysitter)

Katherine (Caleb's Squadmate's wife/Baby Expert!)

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The Priests said...

Lorelai and I had thrush too... good luck with the treatment.