Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We Failed As Parents Today!

Ben had his doctor's appointment today. I didn't realize that he was scheduled to get another shot....and we forgot his pacifier! The poor little guy HATES to be undressed...HATES even more to have his diaper off.....and now had to get a shot...all without his crutch...the pacifier.

Needless to say, he did very well (He really has a set of lungs, though)!

The great news is that he weighs 8lbs, 13 he has exceeded his birth weight (and was/is going through a growth spurt as I had suspected). Also, he is now 20 3/4 inches long (which is weird, because he was supposedly 21 1/2 inches long when he was born)....we double checked that measurement. Also, he has no signs of thrush in his mouth....but he does have a small diaper rash. But, thanks to my co-worker, I am on my way to KMART to get some miracle ointment.

As for the pumping, I have now managed to get about 3 ounces each day. I'm VERY happy about this....but I still decided to contact the Lactation Consultant....who has given me some pointers. She's even agreed to meet with me if her advice doesn't work....I want to get comfortable with this whole pumping thing by 8 weeks.

We're all really looking forward to this week-end. Benjamin gets to meet Pop Pop Paul and Uncle Andrew for the first time!! And, Ben gets to see MeeMom again....we all wish they lived closer! Also, it's Superbowl week-end...and we can't wait to make Benjamin's debut at various parties.....Go GIANTS!

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hot cross buns said...

hey, pumping was slow going for me at first as well, but it gets really easy! by 6 weeks we were golden!