Saturday, January 05, 2008

Talking in My Sleep!

So, last night, I went to bed around 9 PM and Caleb stayed up to play XBOX....and watch Benjamin. Around 11:30 PM, I called Caleb (I was in bed, he was in the other room....I know I'm lazy....but have YOU ever had a newborn?). I told Caleb that Benjamin was finished with his feed and that he could come and get him now to put him down to bed.


Caleb's response: "Honey, Benjamin is with can you be finished with his feeding?"

hehehe...Looks like I mistaked the pillow I was holding for my son! Wow!

Here are a few more pictures for you to enjoy!


andiewade said...

hehe. i remember your sleep talking :).

that's a cute little man. definitely his daddy's boy.

Doyle said...

Well, at least you've gotten the losing the child out of the way early, and with no adverse effects on his psyche, right? That is hilarious, though.

babygarner said...

I was cracking up at work reading this, I made Joe read it when we got home. Caleb probably was having a "do what?" moment. Benjamin is very handsome and is looking more like the two of you every day.