Wednesday, January 02, 2008

First Doctor's Appointment

Today we had our first outing since coming home on Sunday! Benjamin had his first doctor's appointment for a weight check. Doc said that all looks great! He lost the typical 10% in body weight, so he now weighs 7lbs, 8oz. My milk just came in, so that should help his weight start to go up since he eats about every 2 hours. We have another appointment on Friday to check his weight again. Oh! and while we were at the doctor's office, it started to snow flurries! It was so beautiful!

Benjamin got his first sponge bath today...and he sprayed Caleb while being changed....and he had his first "spit up"....again, on Caleb...hehe!

Also, Benjamin is getting some supervised tummy time and doing fabulously. He can really raise that little head of his. This week-end, we are supposed to have spring-like temperatures. I am looking forward to our first little walk AND we may even venture to church on Sunday. That all depends on how I am feeling.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!


andiewade said...

yay! i am loving the pictures! i'm very impressed that you're able to keep us so well updated with your little guy keeping you busy :).

i have a picture of rachel when she was about 2 months old with that same happy new year hat on :)

Caleb and Adrienne said...

YAY! How exciting. This is your month. When is your actual due date again?

Oh...and the reason I can blog, is because this little guy eats every two hours and only sleeps in people's arms. I just sit here in the middle of the night and blog. And it also helps that my mom is here with she has already uploaded all of our pics.

andiewade said...

i'm actually not due until feb. 16th. 6 weeks to go (hopefully less!)

Kelli Weyand said...

What a cutie! I think Benjamin and Maddie will make a cute couple! I hope you are feeling well, and recover quickly..I remember it seemed to take forever for me to feel normal again! Give me a call when you feel up to it! I can't wait to meet Benjamin!

Doyle said...

Caleb, smoke one of those cigars for me. And yes, quite awesome that Adrienne is doing well. I'm not showing any of this to my wife, however, as it gives her ideas we both agree we can't handle until next year. I just hope she sticks to that agreement :)

The Priests said...

I think a certain little boy looks like Caleb! :) That will change in a matter of hours, it seems, but for now, I see the Caleb resemblance.

Hey... Stephanie wanted me to ask when you might bring him by [work] so we can see him? No rush, but we're definitely anxious to see the bundle of joy!

Gina said...

He's so cute. And, I'm quite impressed by you with the no drugs thing.